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Question 1

Like us, Do you believe the 401k is a money jail, that you hope will grow and you’ll be alive to use it at 65 years old?

Question 2

Like a 401k, there is a new account type, that does everything your 401k does, but your money is available anytime without penalty (unlike a 401k), also friends and family can put money in it for you (like gift cards). Would this interest you?

Question 3

Have you heard of Health Savings Accounts?

Question 4

If you could get money into an account like a 401k and potentially get 42.5% (highest return on a fund last year) return on your money. Would you do it?

Question 5

The ability to take advantage of this account would you like it to be primarily for desktop or mobile?

Question 6

Do you own a business (manage people’s health benefits) or are you an individual (employee or self employed)?

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